1.) What is Cleanlume?

CLEANLUME is unpainted aluminum-Zinc alloy coated steel. The material comprises of 55%, Aluminum, 43.4 % zinc and 1.6 % Silicon. Its composition makes it far superior to that of ordinary galvanized steel specially in severe corrosive environment.

2.) What is Colorlume?

COLORLUME is prepainted CLEANLUME. Top coat is 18-20 Microns polyester paint and 5-8 microns undercoat. This coating combines the superior corrosion resistance of aluminum with the cut edge protection of zinc plus the added protection and elegance of polyester paint coating.

3.) What is the difference of Colorlume from Pre-Painted GI?

COLORLUME is proven to be 5x stronger than pre-painted GI

4.) What are superior Paint Coating Choices

“SMP“   – SILICONE MODIFIED POLYESTER PAINT. A high quality paint coating that combines durability & flexibility. This painting has superior resistance to chemical corrosion and ultra violet radiation.

“PVDF“  – POLYVINYLIDINE FLUORIDE PAINT.  Considered to be the best paint coating offered in the market. “PVDF” or POLYVINYLIDINE FLUORIDE PAINT is a high Fluorocarbon coating with advanced features such as the ability to withstand exposure to the elements that cause fading of the color of the panel.

5.) Where do you get your Raw Materials?

Our raw materials (flat-cold rolled steel) are imported from China.

6.)What thickness of Roofing do you have?

Our roofing comes in Ga# 26, Ga#25, Ga#24, Ga#22 – for special order.

7.) Is your roofing long span?

Yes. We cut based on the length of your roofing requirement and we deliver up to transportable length (20-22 meters).

8.) What is the longest span of roofing you have produced?

We have supplied & installed several roofing Requirements at over 100 mts. in length. These were Done ON SITE-RollForming.

9.) Do you install?

Yes. We have an in-house group for installation. Should you opt to have your own installers, we can supply materials only.

10.) What warranty do you give?We give 1 year warranty on workmanship. Warranty on panels depend on the location of the project.

11.) Do you have Insulation?

We have fiberglass, rockwool, polyethylene foam (P.E. Foam), Flexifoil, single and double bubble insulation.

12.) How fast can you produce and deliver?

We can produce in 1 week and deliver your requirement.

13.) What is your plant address?

Lot 819-A Susano Road, Brgy. 172 District 1 Camarin, Caloocan City


Our minimum charge is Php4,500 for 5 meters within Metro manila. Delivery charge may vary depending on the location of the project.

15.) Do you have branches Nationwide?